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 The Club was formed in around 1902, like most Motor Clubs it was allied to both the cycling and motorcyling fraternity.  Its official title being the Taunton Motorcycling and Light Car Club.  In 1960 the club split and Taunton Motoring Club was formed.  Since then the club has organised Hillclimbs, Rallies, Autocrosses and Gymkhanas. The Wildlife Hillclimb is a one-day event held at Wiscombe Park, Nr Honiton in May and is promoted by both Taunton and Burnham-on-Sea Motor Clubs. The Five Clubs Hillclimb is a two-day event usually held on the first weekend in September.  The Five Clubs being: Taunton, Bristol, Plymouth, Burnham-on-Sea and Haldon (now disbanded). The Somerset Stages Rally is co-promoted by Burnham-on-Sea and Minehead Motor Clubs with help from Taunton Motoring Club and is held during April.  The Summer Social Events are held every Thursday from May to September, usually at Taunton Racecourse.  



Taunton MC are involved in organising National Level Hill Climbs and help out on a variety of other events from Stage Rally’s through Endurance Events and National Tours.

Locally we organise, for our members, a winter series, which incorporates Treasure Hunts, Navigational Scatters & 12 Car Rallies.

During the lighter summer months, we organise a summer series of Driving Skills courses at Taunton Racecourse, and in conjunction with Bridgwater College, we have hosted a Autosolo, with a further event planned later in 2011.

We are also looking for other opportunities in the Motor Sport area, so any ideas are always welcome.



When not organising or competing,  there is an active social scene,  regular Thursday night get togethers,  at various locations.  Including awards and xmas parties

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